Relationship coaching

Relationship coaching is directed at couples who are having difficulties balancing their work and their private life. Indeed, for many couples work and private matters are closely linked.

Relationship coaching may be relevant for you…

  • If you are self-employed together or starting to go down this path. If you want to work out how to deal with the overlapping of private and professional matters. For example, your working life might have begun to reflect the dynamic that you have as a couple, or work issues might have taken the upper hand in your private life.
  • If you have, or want to have, children and more successfully balance work with childcare responsibilities.
  • If you want to have an equal relationship but after having a child have unintentionally slipped into a traditional family dynamic.
  • If your family life is affected by business trips of either or both partner(s) and you are looking to find solutions.
  • If you want to work out as a couple what is important to you and which value you want to assign to different areas of your life.

In contrast to couples therapy, relationship coaching is not primarily about the dynamic that you have as a couple and the reasons behind it. Instead, I seek focus here on the couple’s goals and work with them to find concrete solutions that can be put into place straight away.