Individual therapy?

When could you benefit from an individual therapy?

If you, for example,

  • Have difficultly interacting with to other people or find relationships difficult
  • Are seeking more satisfaction in life
  • Have physical symptoms without a known somatic cause
  • Have problems with your sexuality
  • Are uncertain about your sexual identity
  • Want to find your own path and free yourself from social expectations
  • Suffer from anxiety/fears
  • Think that your quality of life is impacted by your shyness
  • Want to learn to assert yourself and set boundaries
  • Feel overwhelmed by your job situation or suffer from burnout

How will I work with you during the therapy?

My work follows the gestalt method. I assume that the interaction between therapist and client will reveals certain patterns that the client will be familiar with from other relationships. I will provide you with feedback on how you come across, as well as suggestions for new things to try. The therapeutic relationship thus allows for an exploration of new patterns and ways of behaving. These new experiences can be tested in daily life and then reflected and revised during therapy.

IMG_6422-einzeltherapieIn addition to the conversation I also address physical forms of expression throughout the therapy. I pay attention to the voice, movement and posture, as well as physical and psychosomatic symptoms.

I work with a variety of techniques aimed to enable new experiences. Roll plays, creative mediums and experiments can all be part of this process.